Complex decongestive therapy on lymphedema BC Patients

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Complex decongestive therapy on lymphedema BC Patients

Postby patoco » Thu Dec 20, 2007 7:59 pm

Effect of complex decongestive therapy on edema and the quality of
life in breast cancer patients with unilateral leymphedema.

Lymphology. 2007 Sep

Kim SJ, Yi CH, Kwon OY.
Department of Physical Therapy, Yongdong University, Chungbuk,
Republic of Korea.

There is increasing interest in the health-related quality of life
(QOL) of patients with chronic lymphedema. The aim of this study was
to ascertain whether complex decongestive therapy (CDT) for upper limb
lymphedema results in long-term changes in lymphedema and QOL, and to determine whether the treatment-induced change in the percentage
excess volume (PCEV) is correlated with any changes in QOL. Fifty-
three patients who had lymphedema were treated with CDT. PCEV and QOL were recorded before and 1 month after CDT, and at a 6-month follow-up visit. PCEV was significantly (p<0.05) decreased at 1 month, but
significantly (p<0.05) increased at 6 months compared to 1 month [but
still significantly reduced (p<0.05) from baseline]. The QOL scores at
1 and 6 months were significantly higher than the score at baseline,
indicating an improvement in the QOL. Significant changes were evident
in the single domains of physical functioning, role-physical, mental
health, and general health. The change in PCEV was associated with a
change in physical functioning, vitality, bodily pain, and general
health at 1 and 6 months (p<0.05). This study suggests that QOL
significantly improved with upper limb lymphedema during the
maintenance phase, which was necessarily correlated with the reduction
in limb volume. ... d_RVDocSum

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