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Postby gary1955 » Sun Jan 07, 2007 1:53 am

How does one know that they have lipedema? Also, has anyone experienced breathing problems after getting lymphedema and/or lipedema? I have a lot of pressure being put on my lungs from my stomach being large. I never inquired in to a possible connection between my stomach size and lipedema. But I have never had these breathing problems in the past until about a year ago. My weight has stayed about the same over the past five years. I would think excess weight could cause breathing problems over a period of time as could lipedema? Just wanted some feedback from any one who might be experiencing the problem.
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Postby silkie » Sun Jan 07, 2007 3:12 am

Hi Gary
Happy New year

I have both Ptimary and lipedema

Firstly lipedema it is rare men get it but it is not impossible

ok lip signs well if my lymph is under control then i do not have problem
with my feet i do have what i call dohnut rings round my anles they fill with fluid a bit like the michellin man and my legs look like someone has tied them above the ankle i have a definate anklemy legs can fill and overhang the ankle.

as for pain etc I cant tell you hun what is lymph what is lip

had them both all my life i do have lots of lumps from the size of peas to eggs underneath the skin not like boils you can feel them if u run you hand over the skin
andthey get bigger the one in my stomach now protrudes out but still not like a limp but an area swelling

the following info pat did for us and it made lip much easier for me to understand i hope it helps

We tend to think of the lymph system as those inner channels, lymph veins
and nodes. But, there is a very very important other part. This is a complex,
almost microscopic "web" of lymphatics that are in the subcutaneous (fat
layer between outer skin and inner body) tissues.

What they have found is that with primary lymphedema, it is the inner
lymphatics that are either not formed completely or poorly. For example, in the
test I had done, it shows I am missing a very large number of nodes in the
upper leg/lower abdominal areas. The subcutaneous network is fine.

With lipedema, the opposite seems to be true. While the inner lymph
channels/nodes are properly formed, there is a great deal of malformation in the
subcutaneous network. Test indicate malformed, twisted and block microscopic
channels. Indeed, the researchers have even found examples in lipedema where
these microscopic channels actually burst creating a "lymph" aneurysm.

This is important as there seems to be new interest in understanding how the
body forms fat cells and in how these fine lymph network forms within it.
As this system is understood more, it will help in learning not just how to
treat lipedema, but eventually how it can be cured or prevented.

Hope this explains it....let me know.

My best to everyone!!!!!

Pat ... lipoedema/

this is the link to the lipedema site great help there from members sharing many experiences and pats info

hugggggggggggggg hope this is of some help

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Postby patoco » Sun Jan 07, 2007 3:16 am

Hey Gary

Take a look through our forum on Lipedema. It has links with images of lipedema.

Usually, lipedema is in the legs and they have a very different texture then lymphedema. There is a cottage cheese type of pattern to the leg.

Gary, you could very well be experiencing further complications from the lymphedema in the abdomen and chest.

Just been through that myself. I balooned up, putting onsome 60 pounds of fluids inthe chest/abdomen area. OMG...was killing me.

I couldn't hardly room for food.....and

I was/am experiencing horrendous pleural effusions (fluid in the lung cavity).

I was in the hospital from Nov 12 through Dec 22 and again from Dec 27 through the 31st.

By the time I went to the ER room in November, I could breathe only when I was standing up.

Our lungs have a capacity of about 3 liters...they removed 2 1/2 liters from the right lung and I still have about 1/2 liters in the left.

This can be drained and the process is simple and relatively painless. Only pain involved was when they put the locl anesthesia in.

Start with a simple chest xray of your lungs and you will be able to tell if you have fluid there. There have been a number of us experiencing this lately.

Jump on it my friend, it doesn't get any better by itself and you will get to be sooooooooo miserable. One o the worse experiences I have ever been through.

Let us know.

Best to ya, my friend

Pat O
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Postby gary1955 » Sun Jan 07, 2007 2:47 pm

Thanks Pat and Silkie for the info. Have a nice day!
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