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Sports shoes -MBT's Sketchers Fit flops etc

PostPosted: Mon Nov 01, 2010 9:53 am
by Jeddy
I would like lower limb sufferers to share their experiences for an article I am writing for UK patients about fitness shoes, sometimes called anti shoes. The thick curved soles of these shoes and trainers certainly improve posture and the back muscles, but do they help with the swelling. In theory the unstable platform for your feet keeps the ankle and calf moving and if you are wearing compression garments, enhances the massage effect and moves lymph away. The bed of the shoe is heavily padded and potentially very comfortable.
On the other hand do wearers get tired, are the joints compromised in any way? There are reports of folks falling off these shoes? How long can you wear these shoes? Do you have problems going up and down slopes, steps, etc :?: Any experiences would be welcomed.