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 See: [[Your Emotions and Self Image with Lymphedema]] See: [[Your Emotions and Self Image with Lymphedema]]
 +=====Management of Lymphedema=====
 +Vojáčková N, Fialová J, Hercogová J.
 +Dermatovenereology Department, Charles University 2nd Medical School and Bulovka Hospital, Prague, Czech Republic.
 +Keywords: complex decongestive physical therapy; compression;​ manual lymph drainage
 +The basic principle of the management of lymphedema is so called complex decongestive physical therapy. This therapy is divided into two phases: (i) edema reduction phase - an initial intensive treatment phase aiming for limb volume reduction; and (ii) maintenance phase - following long-term phase to sustain a manageable limb volume. The first phase consists of a number of physical therapeutic approaches which are: manual lymph drainage, pneumatic pump drainage, low-stretch bandaging, exercises, and skin care. Long-term maintenance phase consists of self-lymph drainage, low-stretch bandaging, or compressive garments, and sometimes when indicated pneumatic pump drainage, exercises, and skin care.
 +[[http://​​doi/​10.1111/​j.1529-8019.2012.01534.x/​abstract;​jsessionid=55C60F114B6371644CB03D275523F321.d01t04|Wiley Online]]
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 [[Tissue Tonometry]] [[Tissue Tonometry]]
-[[Deep Oscillation Therapy]]+[[Oscillation Therapy]]
 [[Skin Care]] [[Skin Care]]
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 [[]] [[]]
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