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Risk Factors for lymphedema

Who is at risk for lymphedema?

What are the risk factors for lymphedema? Is there an answer to how to prevent lymphedema? Anyone who has one or more of the following factors can acquire lymphedema:

  • Lymph node removal for biopsies
  • Deep invasive wounds that might tear, cut or damage the lymphatics.
  • Radiation treatments, especially ones that are focused in areas that might contain “clusters” of lymph nodes
  • Serious burns, even intense sunburn
  • Infection of the microscopic parasite filarial larvae, though this is more common in tropical countries
  • For primary lymphedema any person who has a family history of unknown swelling of a limb
  • Insect bites
  • Bone fractures and breaks

If you are a person with any of these risk factors, you will want to learn the warning signs of lymphedema.

It is critical for proper management to achieve an early diagnosis and to establish a treatment program to prevent serious the complications of lymphedema.

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